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Sorry, Unplugged Records studio is permanently closed



I record using top-of-the-line equipment only found in major studios.

I accept nothing less than vocal and acoustic instrument recording perfection.

Each recording channel passes through best-in-class microphones, preamps, compressors, equalizers, and reverb. Outboard equipment is used exclusively to achieve sound superior to standard mixing boards.

Vocals and instruments are recorded in a profesionally designed acoustic room, using fractical wall surfaces for even sound distributiono across the full frequency range.


Experience (Studio engineer Don Hooper)

+ Mixdown for #1 hit artists

+ Studio design and recording for top name producer





vocal microphones

telefunken ela m 251

vocal microphone Telefunken ElaM 251AC

custom built with a NOS tube,

just for us.

This type of microphone

has been used by Elton John, Stevie Wonder,

Christina Aguilara, Martina McBride,

Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, others

Brauner VMA

vocal microphone Brauner VMA

This type of microphone

has been used by Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson

Germaine Dupri, Eliot Scheiner,

John Horesco IV, others


Instrument microphones


an assortment of

Neumann, AKG, ADk, Brauner

and bullet mics


Outboard Equipment


Tube Tech Preamp and Compressor

Demeter Preamp, Manley Massive and

Tube TEch Equalizers,

Bricasti M7 reverb




sounds (recorded at the studio)

"Absolutely Nowhere" by Dan Chauvin


"Raisin Me " by Ted Painter


"Liquid Words" by Ashley Jordan