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Equipment List

Telefunken Ela M 251 AC701K custom tube mic
Brauner VMA (VM1 and VMX) tube mic
ADK CS-251 tube mic
AKG C 414B-XL II/ST matched stereo mics (x2)
Neumann KM84 mics (x2)
Neumann TLM103 mic
Neumann KM184 mic
Neumann KMS105 mics (x2)
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure Astatic bullet mic
Turner bullet mic

Tube Tech MP-!A 2-channel tube preamp
Avalon VT737 tube preamp with NOS 1960 Mullard tubes
DACS Clarity 2-channel MicAmp II
Demeter VTMP2B 2-channel tube preamp with NOS 1960 Telefunken tubes
Demeter VTBP-201 bass tube preamp
Manley Massive Passive tube equalizer
Tube Tech (Pultec) PE 1C passive tube equalizer
Tube Tech CL-1B compressor/ limiter
Bricasti M7 reverb
Hosa PDR 369 XLR patch bay

Pro tools TDM HD
Apple Mac Pro Quad core 2.66
Pro Tools console:Apple Cinema x2 for 46" display
Simultaneous display of 48 channel strips + timeline + effects
Lynx Aurora 8 192khz AD/DA converter (8 in, 8 out)
Manley Massive Passive tube equalizer
Tube Tech CL-1B compressor
Pro Tools Sony Oxford Dynamics compressor/limiter and equalizer
Chandler EMI TG12413 Abbey Road limiter/compressor
Antares Autotune 5 TDM Pitch Correction
Amp Farm 3.0
Behringer Pro XL headphone amp
Sony MDR7506 headphones
AKG K701 reference headphone
Dynaudio BM5A nearfield monitors
Backup to 2TB raid drives and DVD

1942 Banner Gibson J45
1985 Guild F46
Beckwith Strings Missouri Guitar
Lap Steel guitar box guitar, Lindy Fralin hand-wound pickup
Rickenbacker Bass
1972 Fender Precision Bass
1952 reissue custom deluxe Fender Telecaster , Texas Special pickups
1966 Fender Vibro Champ Blackface guitar amp
VOX AC30 tube amp, Marshall speaker
Paul Beard Dobro
GFI Ultra Pedal Steel
Kentucky Mandolin
Various percussion instruments
Yamaha CP-33 Stage Piano
Synthogy Ivory Grand Piano Bosendorfer 290, Steinway D9, Yamaha C7
Garritan Symphony Orchestra
Quantum Leap East West Gypsy
Various instrument midi samples

acoustic room seats 4 with
fractal QRD diffusion wall , wells 3/8" to 4' width, 4' deep, 45-30khz diffusion
skyline QRD diffusion panel
12 binary panel diffuser/absorbers
3" foam plus 12" bass traps
Corning 703, rock wool soundproofing wrapped in burlap
rubber flooring
adjacent is 20'x20' practice/recording lounge


Page song = "Golden Red Horizon" by Dan Chauvin, recorded at Juke VIllage. Vocals: Dan Chauvin and Susan Levine. Beckwith Strings guitars: Dan Chauvin and Steve Beckwith. Cello: Kristen Miller. Bass: Don Hooper. Violin: Dan Villani. Produced by Don Hooper.

Fractal QRD wall

Studio instruments - 1985 Guild F46, Beckwith Missouri, Paul Beard Dobro, !942 Gibson. 1972 Fender Precision bass, Rickenbacker bass, lap steel, mandolin, bodhran, amps, etc.