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Artists who have recorded for Unplugged Records/Juke Village



Ashley Jordan - 2011 album "Liquid Words"

"Liquid Words" reviews

Ashley Jordan - "Phoebe Prince"

Dan Chauvin - Juke Village - 2010 Artist of the Year - album "Small Town Life"

"Small Town Life" Reviews

Dan Chauvin - "Golden Red Horizon"

Hooper & Beckwith- 2011 album "Trouble "

Steve Beckwith -"Willie Boy"

Don Hooper -"Come Back Baby"

Ted Painter - "Vocal recordings here are better than any of the big Massachusetts studios!"

Rounder Records -Project type: recording vocals over existing mix

Ayla Brown - Americon Idol 2006 semi-finalist. First to autograph the purple door.

Lori Diamond - Piano and vocals."So very well done. The intimacy of the vocal is exquisite!"

Nicholas Brochu - "If ever have another recording to make i will let you know. the experience was phenomenal. it almosts feels like being at home just playing in a relaxing atmosphere. it was a lot of fun working with don and i would recommend him for anyone trying to record. He is very professional and has outstanding equipment for all your recording needs."

Nan Gibbons - Religious/acapella/piano. "Don, this came out beautifully."

Margaret McCandless - Irish Folk. "Thank you very, very much for your careful work on these songs."

Telefunken USA "Your ELA M 251 AC has amazing clarity and depth, right up there with the legendary Dreamworks one!"

Jamie Falconi - Recorded Valentine's Day song. "She cried... in fact"

Jamie Flanagan - Boston Anthem Idol winner 2009. "You guys are true professionals!"

Geoff Muller "Your acoustics work really paid off - what a great sounding space!"

Daniel Snow - Rap. Vocals. "Good man to work with!"

Beckwith Strings Guitars "You have perfectly captured the guitars' sound"





Bindy Johnson - 2011 album "Elevated Pathways"


Clayton Willoughby - 2008 -album -Christmas CD

Donny O'Mangan - Irish folk

Jack Rollins - 2011 EP "Basement Tapes" Folk Rock

Matthew White - Contemporary Folk

Carrie Rowan and Adrienne Fawkes - Contemporary Folk

John Prunier - Bass

Tirrell Brewster - Rap

Fred Abatelli - Bass, guitar

Phil Punch - Percussion

John Loud - Drums, Percussion

Kim Jennings - Vocals

Susan Levine - Vocals

Kristen Miller - Cello

Adam Bergeron - Piano

Ron Hertz - Piano

Troy Engle - Pedal steel, lap steel, mandolin, fiddle

Steve Beckwith - Guitar

Dan Villani - Violin, mandolin

Don Hooper - Guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboard, pedal steel